1月 19, 2021
What is nitinol and where is nitinol used

What is nitinol and where is nitinol used?

When it comes to shape memory alloy, many people h […]
1月 20, 2021
Nitinol wire

What are the disadvantages of Nitinol?

1.Nitinol Biocompatibility As a long-term implanta […]
1月 21, 2021
Nitinol flat wire

Why does nitinol have shape memory?

Nitinol is a shape memory alloy,it is a special al […]
1月 24, 2021
nitinol spring

When was Shape memory alloys discovered?

What is a shape memory alloy? Shape memory alloys […]
2月 4, 2021
nitinol shape memory

What is special about Nitinol?

Amazing Nitinol As a child wearing glasses, like t […]
2月 23, 2021
superelastic nitinol

What is so special about titanium?

The source of titanium Titanium is a rare metal. I […]