Qingdao Xingyun New Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development of nitinol memory alloy materials. Specializing in the production of nitinol alloy materials and nitinol alloy tube materials.
The company’s main products include: electrified shrinkable nitinol alloy memory wire, stent materials, guide wire materials, suture materials, birth control ring materials, nickel-state memory alloy tubes, various nitinolsprings and stereotypes, super elastic rods, etc.
Professional contract manufacturing for Nitinol stent and Nitinol baskets by Laser cutting, Shapesetting, Electrolytic polishing.
The company has established a complete quality system in strict accordance with GB24627-2009 and GBASTMF2063-2012 standards, and implemented it in every link of production and service.
Concentration, professionalism and innovation are our constant pursuit. High-quality products and satisfactory service are our promise!
Welcome friends from home and abroad to visit the company and work together to create a better tomorrow.