Precision Processing

Nitinol Stent

Professional contract manufacturing for Nitinol stent by Laser cutting, Shapesetting, Electrolytic polishing.
Applicable Cutting Materials:Stainless steels,Nitinol, Ti-alloys, Ta, etc.
Stent: All the stents from tiny neurovascular, coronary, to relatively large size of TAA, AAA, filters, heart valve frames, as well as all types of self-expandable.
Guide Tube: Hypotubes, spiral tube, super-elastic Nitinol guide tubes& shape-set parts.
Medical Retrieval Devices in intravascular, respiratory and urinary applications.

Nitinol basket

Nitinol basket manufacturing per customer design.
Tipped or zero tip nitinol basket are also available.
Nitinol Materials, with highly-durable and maintains shape and form.
Stable Support, with low resistant and excellent supporting performance, reduced tissue trauma during operation in confined spaces.
Excellent Flexibility, quickly and easily access target.

Nitinol shaped

Customized special wire and tube components manufacturing: supply customer specific tube, with different active Af, higher flexibility, assigned curvatures, and other super-elastic performance related wire and tubes.